Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catching Up

Well, we've entered that exciting and slightly terrifying zone when the 10-day weather forecast includes a high and low for our much anticipated race day. That zone where even the smallest things remind me just how close we are to the starting line--like that gallon of milk in the fridge that doesn't expire until two days after the race. Or the library due date that crops up the day before.

I put off my last long run until today so I could run outside without requiring a parka and snow shoes. It has barely snowed this year compared to most northeast Ohio seasons, but when it does snow? It's always, always on the one day I planned a long outdoor run. And it's usually accompanied by gale force winds. This is of course all part of the joy of training for a spring half marathon while living in Ohio. Today there are gale force winds; but the temps are above freezing and the skies are clear, so it's now or never.

The good news is that I've generally kept up with the half marathon training plan. The bad news is I have completely dropped the ball on posting over here at Run for their Lives. I've written at least a half dozen posts in my head while enduring the dreadmill, but the telepathic app on my iPhone still isn't working properly, so these posts (which are absolutely brilliant, by the way) never see the light of day.

In lieu of any legitimate writing here, please allow me to share a few links and updates with you:

  • This week Jade Keller is writing an eye-opening series on modern slavery. Please follow along with her this week as she shares what she's learned while working in Thailand.
  • Over on Dailymile, several of us have completed our 146 mile challenge, and dozens more are well on their way.  I know I keep saying this, but it's not too late to get started. So go! Get started! 
  • I'm very excited to report that through our efforts at Run for their Lives we've raised a total of $755 for Love146 and the fight against child exploitation! But we don't have to stop there. There's still plenty of time to donate or to use the site to garner donations in support of your race. Please feel free to share the link with friends and family who might be interested in supporting our cause as well. Thank you all SO MUCH for your efforts both in spreading the word about this issue as well as your generous donations. 
Well, I've gotta run. Twelve miles to be exact. Here's hoping those gale force winds are at my back. (Also, can someone please remind me again why I do this? Oh yes, because I supposedly love it. As in really, no one is making me run 12 miles in cold, Mary Poppins-ish winds. I'm pretty sure people have been institutionalized for a smaller dose of crazy than this.)


  1. best of luck to you! I was just thinking about this, because while I have gotten behind, I will make my goal, as well as I've got a post all ready to go to help spread the word in whatever way I can!

    1. and when I say "all ready to go" clearly I mean, in my head...because I'm never that on top of it...I'll let you know when I get my act together :)

  2. The countdown!!! How exciting!